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Real flowers or sugar flowers?

First of all, any flowers on a cake, real or fake are guaranteed to create that show stopping finish you’ve probably been dreaming off. However, deciding exactly which type of flowers to go for can be a difficult hurdle to cross!

Like anything, your budget is an important thing to keep in mind when making your decision. As beautiful as they are, Sugar flowers are definitely not the cheapest option. Having made hundreds of flowers myself, I know that each bloom can take hours to perfect which can soon eat away at your budget. Having said this, they are totally worth it! These flowers are guaranteed to make a statement and will definitely get your guests talking! A lot of my brides like to keep the sugar flowers from their cake long after the crumbs have been eaten. Once carefully placed in a protective container, they can be kept for years after as a lovey memory of your beautiful day! And what’s better… you can actually EAT them!

Fresh flowers are a great alternative to sugar flowers. There’s nothing quite like a cake covered with cascades of fresh blooms. And of course, the smell! If you’re wanting to keep the colours of your wedding consistent, opting for your florist to provide your cake flowers to match your bouquets and decorations can help to keep your cake on theme. So, why on earth would you want to choose anything else? Well, unfortunately, your flowers will wilt, especially if you’re having a summer wedding on a gorgeous hot day. There’s nothing more devastating than watching your flowers fall petal by petal off your cake hours after your cake has been delivered. Another thing to remember is if your dream flowers are not in season you won’t be able to have them – *Sigh*…

Having said this, it is so important that you speak with your florist to determine exactly which flowers you want as some flowers may be poisonous and dangerous if placed on your cake. As well as this, your cake maker should be following the correct procedures when attaching real flowers to your cake so that the stems don’t come into contact with your cake.

Another option is silk flowers. Silk flowers have come a long way in the last couple of years. They are becoming an ever more popular choice for brides as they are extremely practical and equally stylish. One of the biggest perks of silk flowers has to be their availability. You can buy them anywhere from craft stores to garden centres, online and even furniture stores such as The Range. If you’re a bit of a DIY bride – why not give yourself a challenge and have a go at making your own bouquets?

Annie Cutts – Annie Elizabeth Cake Design


Why should I pay more for quality?

Have you considered how much you are willing to pay for your dream cake? Have you thought about what your money will actually ‘buy’ you? I see so many people shopping around to find the best quote or trying to find the cheapest price possible for a cake, which as a cake designer myself, is so upsetting to see.


Although everyone will always have a budget in mind, It goes without saying how important it is to asses the quality of your cake over the quantity and cost.


When purchasing a cake, you are buying artistry, craftsmanship and a whole wealth of experience that should come hand in hand with your ideal cake designer.


Many cake designs and trends showcase techniques and skills that can take hours, months or even years to perfect, it is this dedication, time and commitment to their profession that you are investing in!


As well as the basics of creating and designing a cake, there is also a high level of personal and bespoke features that are likely to be incorporated. In order to achieve exactly what the client is requesting, bespoke cake designers will inevitably have to spend much longer discussing, drafting and designing your cake which will in turn add to the cost.


I myself have been a victim of the supermarket cake isles in the past! When you’ve left it last minute or blown the majority of the budget on balloons and birthday banners, surely just grabbing a Colin the Caterpillar from isle 9 is the best solution right?


Well, here’s where you’re wrong! Frozen sheet cakes and mass produced celebration cakes that we often see stacked high on the supermarket shelves are full of artificial colours and flavours, cheap ingredients and generic designs, not to mention the squashed crowns, broken wings and wonky unicorn horns. Most tiered supermarket cakes also require you to construct, stack and even decorate them yourself at your venue and nobody wants that stress on their Wedding day do they?


The price may sound appealing, but do you really want a cake that a thousand others have had exactly the same of? 


Many cake designers (myself included) search high and low for the finest quality ingredients to use in their cakes, because we all know that taste is just as important as appearance! Even the higher quality of ingredients alone can easily account for the difference in cost to the full price of a supermarket bake! 


I am in constant awe of the unbelievable talent and outstanding artistry that I come across daily in the ‘cake world’ by some of the most amazing cake artists that I have ever seen. The sheer passion and eye catching attention to detail is without a doubt worth saving those extra pennies for! 

Annie Cutts - Annie Elizabeth Cake Design