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The Flavour Menu

Aerial View of Baking Ingredients
At Annie Elizabeth Cake Design, we believe that your cake should taste as good as it looks. All of our cakes are baked from scratch using delicious fresh ingredients. All of our Sugarpaste cakes are covered in a thin layer of Belgian chocolate ganache and the finest Swiss fondant.
Classic Vanilla
Light and fluffy sponge infused with Madagascan vanilla extract, filled with our signature vanilla frosting. Raspberry and vanilla Light and fluffy sponge infused with Madagascan vanilla extract, layered with raspberry or strawberry preserve and our signature vanilla frosting.
Lemon Drizzle
Sicilian Lemon Infused sponge, drizzled with lemon syrup, layered with zesty lemon curd and smooth lemon infused buttercream.
Lemon and Passionfruit
Lemon infused sponge drizzled with passionfruit curd, layered with passionfruit buttercream. Lemon and Elderflower Zesty Lemon infused sponge layered with fresh lemon and elderflower buttercream .
Ultimate Belgian Chocolate
Rich Belgian chocolate sponge layered with indulgent chocolate fudge spread, topped with our ultimate chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate Orange
Rich Belgian chocolate sponge layered with zesty orange infused chocolate buttercream.
Lotus Biscoff
Light fluffy vanilla Sponge layered with Lotus Biscoff infused buttercream, Biscoff biscuit pieces and drizzled with Biscoff caramel sauce.
Baileys Irish Cream
Rich Belgian Chocolate sponge soaked with Bailey's  Liqueur, layered with silky Baileys buttercream.
Cookies and Cream
Rich Belgian Chocolate sponge filled with lashings of Oreo cookies buttercream.
Light and fluffy vanilla sponge layered with our signature vanilla frosting and colourful, crunchy confetti sprinkles.
Lime and Coconut
Zesty lime and coconut infused sponge, layered with coconut buttercream and tangy lime conserve.
Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel infused sponge layered with a rich salted caramel sauce and fluffy caramel infused vanilla frosting.
Cherry Bakewell
Almond infused sponge layered with vanilla frosting and lashings of cherry conserve.
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